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  • digital-dollar-could-‘compete’-with-bitcoin

    Digital Dollar Could ‘Compete’ With Bitcoin

    Digital dollars and central bank digital currencies are fast becoming a reality, with China this month reportedly expanding a pilot program for its digital yuan. While the U.S. has barely even begun thinking about a digital dollar, its potential implications have generated extensive debate, with a former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram… More

  • devos-says-trump’s-student-loan-suspension-counts-towards-loan-forgiveness
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    DeVos Says Trump’s Student Loan Suspension Counts Towards Loan Forgiveness

    A press release from the Department of Education now says Trump’s student loan payment suspension … [+] will count towards Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Getty Borrowers seeking student loan forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program just got some good news. Earlier this month, President Trump signed a memorandum that suspended student loan… More

  • 2020-back-to-school:-


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    2020 Back-To-School: Retail’s Need For Speed

    Back to school sale sign in the entrance to Skechers. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images … [+] Group via Getty Images) Universal Images Group via Getty Images I love to drive racecars. And one thing that I’ve learned is that when you are driving at 150 mph, you need data inputs faster so you can… More

  • backlash-against-wfh-is-based-on-preference-not-evidence
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    Backlash Against WFH Is Based On Preference Not Evidence

    Follow my leader could be ruinous in the WFH revolution Volkanakmese for Shutterstock To a deserted Canary Wharf, London. Barclays is – or was – headquartered here. Its chief executive Jes Staley has signaled he wants people back in the office. “It is important to get people back together in physical concentrations,” he said. “We want our… More

  • great-ocean-explorers,-tobacco,-locomation-and-a-good-sign-for-av-progress

    Great Ocean Explorers, Tobacco, Locomation And A Good Sign For AV Progress

    Locomation Autonomous Concept Locomation A previous article “Christopher Columbus And Evaluating Autonomous Vehicles As An Investor” discussed the nature of the Autonomous Vehicle (AV) investment space. The article emphasized that true progress in the AV space is not driven by investments or partnerships. Rather, one must look for nuggets of progress which demonstrate actual technical… More

  • business-case-for-ccs:-a-climate-change-mitigation-technology-that-works
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    Business Case For CCS: A Climate Change Mitigation Technology That Works

    The race to combat climate change is accelerating. Every day, large investors and corporations launch strategies to curb emissions and pledge ambitious goals of becoming carbon neutral. Climate change is a global problem and requires global leadership. CCS/CO2 Storage technologies are … [+] proven, but a business case must be developed to drive rapid implementation.… More

  • nvidia’s-massive-stock-gains-may-be-over-following-quarterly-results
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    Nvidia’s Massive Stock Gains May Be Over Following Quarterly Results

    Expectations for Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) couldn’t have been higher going into its fiscal second-quarter 2021 results, and now the stock may feel the effect of the hangover. The stock’s price nearly tripled off the March lows, as investors’ attention turned to companies likely to capture market share during the pandemic. As a result, the equity… More

  • the-problem-with-variable-annuities-–-are-they-too-expensive?
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    The Problem With Variable Annuities – Are They Too Expensive?

    The message about fees is worth digging into further, as it presents one of the biggest objections made to variable annuities. Variable annuities have generally come under attack for the higher internal costs relative to an unprotected investment portfolio. But it is important to frame the issue of variable annuity fees in terms of the… More

  • was-bitcoin’s-recent-pullback-merely-a-temporary-pause?
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    Was Bitcoin’s Recent Pullback Merely A Temporary Pause?

    Bitcoin fell 7% since Monday. Does this portend further downside? (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images) Getty Images Bitcoin prices suffered a retracement in the last few days, falling more than 7% from nearly $12,500 on Monday to less than $11,600 today on CoinDesk. At this point, cryptocurrency traders might be wondering whether this latest drop is… More

  • singapore’s-50-richest:-$37-billion-added-to-their-wealth-amid-pandemic
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    Singapore’s 50 Richest: $37 Billion Added To Their Wealth Amid Pandemic

    Getty This story is part of Forbes’ coverage of Singapore’s Richest 2020. See our full coverage here. Pandemic-induced economic pains have pushed Singapore into recession. For the quarter ended in June, the trade-dependent country reported a year-on-year 13.2% drop in GDP, despite $68 billion in stimulus packages by the government to shore up the economy. The benchmark… More

  • top-dividend-stocks-for-august
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    Top Dividend Stocks For August

    getty Markets were well into the green this morning as Apple Inc AAPL hit the $2 trillion market cap mark in just 2 years after hitting the first trillion. Incredible to think as it took Apple 42 years to hit the first milestone, and most of the second trillion came in the last 21 weeks… More

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